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2020 Buys

So I have decided to create a page for my purchases throughout the year!


The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream
Total Cost £10 from TBS
Kiko Breather: 01 White, 05 Fuchsia, 06 Red, 07 Cherry, 09 Black and 10 Sauge
Total Cost £17.97 from Kiko Instore
Essie: Jade To Measure, Twill Seeker and Front Page Worthy. China Glaze: Living In The Elmo-ment 
Total Cost £15.96 from TK Maxx

Essie: Starry Starry Night (new version), Sunny Daze and Reign Check
Total Cost £11.97 from TK Maxx

Essie: Sparkles Between Us, Roses Are Red, #essielove, Unwrap Me and You're So Cupid
Total Cost £19.95 from TK Maxx

Essie: Million Mile Hues and Comfy In Cashmere
Total Cost £7.98 from TK Maxx


Nothing Purchased!!!!

Nails Inc: Social Detox, Out Of Hours and TBT

Nails Inc: Drty Girl and Always On Top. Essie: Sunshine State Of Mind
Total Cost £11 from TK Maxx

OPI: Let's Be Friends and nail stickers
Total Cost £1.30 from TK Maxx

Revolution: Top row: UV Glitter Top Coat. Bottom Row: Pink Vibes, Mint Chills, Purple Soul and Yellow Tropic
Total Cost £25 from Superdrug

Nails Inc: Keeping It Couture and Take Me To The Runway. Essie: Shall We Chalet?
Total Cost £6 from TK Maxx

OPI: Hate To Burst Your Bubble, Pop Star and Days Of Pop

OPI: OPI Pops, Bumpy Road Ahead and Pink Bubbly
Total Cost about £24 from Nail Polish Direct

Top Row: Revolution: Aura, Spectrum and Cosmic
Bottom row: Revolution: Supernova, Galactic, Lunar and Stargazer
Total Cost - can't remember about £25 from Superdrug

Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pop Art, Bleu Majorelle and Holographic Black
Total Cost FREE - Birthday Gift

Dior: Mirage, Pow and Diorcharm

Dior: Front Row, Be Dior and Nail Glow
Total Cost FREE - Birthday Gift


Nails Inc: Living Your Best Life, FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out and Never Low Key
Total Cost - £14 from TK Maxx

Revlon: Gambling Heart
Total Cost - £1 from Poundland

Morgan Taylor: Chrome Base, Sunset Yellow, Ultramarine and Ivy.
Total Cost - £0 Valetine's Gift <3

Color Club: OMG, SMH and 100.
Total Cost - £0 Valetine's Gift <3

Illamasqua: Mazarin. OPI: Many Celebrations To Go.
Total Cost £8 from TK Maxx

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