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I'm a simple Scottish girl with an unusual name and a strange obsession for nail polish! My aim is to capture what the eye sees, with a camera! Too much nail polish and never enough time. I have also started wildlife photography, which I enjoy very much. Welcome to my little world :-)

Friday 28 October 2011

Deborah Lippmann Brick House

One of the newer Lippmann's! I bought this last month from Amazon, but it's now available in the UK from House of Fraser Online! Yah.

It's a copper-ish orangy colour.
Indoors with flash.

And without flash.
All above are 2 coats.

I do love the Lippmann polishes. They are so easy to use, easy to apply and have a good brush. They have a good formula that dries quickly and to a good finish.  This one lasted well. 2 coats are needed!

I got it from the US Amazon site for about £20 including delivery but it's available from the Frasers Online site now for £14 before delivery.

7 out of 10 for this one.

Thursday 27 October 2011

China Glaze Awakening

This was a present from my husband! And what a winner, he knows how to pick me nice colours.

I'd say it's a rosy pink with a gold shimmer.
Indoors with flash.

You can just about make out the gold shimmer!!
Without flash.
Lovely! All above are 2 coats.

This was easy to use, easy to apply and the brush is great. It dried quickly (thank goodness!) and 2 coats gave a good finish. It also lasted well and as mentioned above, I'd say it's slightly iridescent - yippee!

8 out of 10 for this. Husband got it from Sally Salon Services. Easy enough to pick up from eBay too.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening

Another of those Lippmann glittery polishes!
It's a salmony colour! ;-)
All indoors without flash.

I put it on top of Avon Pink Radiance from the other blog! Just how cool does it look?

It's easy to apply, easy to use, the brush is excellent and it's quick drying. Looks cool on top of the pink. 1 coat does.

8 out of 10 for this one. I managed to pick it up from Amazon.com and it's also available on eBay, but haven't been able to spy it in Frasers yet :-(

Sunday 9 October 2011

Color Club Wild At Heart

Oh holo heaven again! And purple this time :-)

I'm in love!!!
All indoors with flash.

Can you believe that's one coat! ONE COAT!

This is a great nail polish. Easy to use, easy to apply, good formula and good brush. It's quick drying and give a good finish with 1 coat. No top coat was used with this. It's holo-tastic and lasted well. Certainly got a few positive comments.

8 out of 10 for this one. Got it from eBay from an American seller, but some UK sellers have it too.

Thursday 6 October 2011

OPI Play The Peonies

One from the Nice Stems collection which I picked up from Sally Salon Services. It's a mini! And a subtle pinky/white colour.

Indoors with no flash.

All the above are 2 coats.

It's quite subtle this colour. The mini bottles are quite fiddly at first but you do get used to using them. The application is okay and the brush is tiny so you need to leave all the polish on it! The formula is good for this polish and it does dry quickly. After the first coat, it does go streaky so be careful when applying the second.

6 out of 10 for this. Not that impressed with it. Easy to pick up from most good OPI retailers and eBay/Amazon!

Monday 3 October 2011

Deborah Lippmann Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Another of those Lippmann polishes! How I do love these!
This is a difficult one to capture are it's so weak and needed 3 coats! Heavens! 3 coats!
All without flash, indoors.

And in natural light.

It was very hard to get pictures that didn't show how yellow my nails are - ek! I'm never sure if they are yellow because they are painted everyday or because of low iron :-s

This is a very good quality nail polish and lasted well. It's easy to use, apply and the brush is fabby! It's very quick drying and the 3 coats each dried fairly quickly. It's very subtle and I won't be wearing it on its own again. Would make a pretty top for a pale pink and the likes! One nice thing about it is the blue shimmer it has, lovely! And you can make it out in a few of the pictures.

6 out of 10 for this one, great polish just not keen as a solo. £14 from Frasers in store or online from them.