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Tuesday 22 November 2011

OPI Come To Poppy

Another one from the Nice Stems collection! A pretty pinky colour!

Hard to capture (or do I suck at photography?)
Indoors with flash.

It's a pretty pretty pink.

And without flash.

The last one is like the colour I'd say. As are the flashy ones. All 2 coats.

Like all the OPI minis, easy to use once you have the hang of it! Easy to apply, formula pretty good and fairly quick drying. 2 coats did the trick! It's not what I'd call a shiny or glossy polish, but it's not fully matte either - halfway between I think. So if you want it shiny, top coat it. I didn't apply a top coat and it lasted well :-) Pretty colour and got a fair few comments.

7 out of 10 for this beauty. Easy to pick up online. I got it in the set of 4 minis during the summer (well I use the term loosely!) from Sally Salon Services for £7.99.