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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nubar Precarious Lavender

Not had a Nubar on in ages. Picked this one. It's not really what I'd call lavender! More a rose colour.

This is easy to use, easy to apply and quick drying. See what I mean about the colour? Hehe thought the label might have been wrong! It's a good quality nail polish that lasted well, but not really my colour. It's okay, nothing special.

Easy to use = 8/10
Application = 8/10
Drying time = 8/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 1
Finish = metallic
Removal = easy
Overall = 8/10

My Personal Rating = 6/10 just not my thing


  1. I love Nubar polishes! This one looks very nice on you.

    1. Yeah me too, they are soooo good. I think I want more of them!

      Thanks. Just didn't really excite me at all, maybe try it again in a while and see how I feel?