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Monday 25 July 2011

OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees (Suede)

So here it is, my first post in the over £5 section!
I got a bundle of OPI Suedes from eBay not that long ago for £36 and how happy was I when I won them!

From the bottle it looks like a gunmetal grey with silver specks in it. It also came with the follow little note:
Doesn't really affect me, I don't wear my nail polish that long and rarely use a top coat!

I have tried my best to capture this one. Inside without flash.

Inside with flash.

I think the two above show the silver specks quite well.

And finally indoors in the sunlight.

This is a good polish that I do like a lot. The brush is great (OPI are famous for it) and it makes painting the nail a pleasure! The lid is also very easy to hold making application easy. This one dried mega fast with a matte finish. Most mattes dry quickly anyway. Lasted well the short time I had it on. All above are with 2 coats. One coat looked a bit patchy in places, so definitely needs 2 at least.

I think it's more a winter colour and now that it's summer, probably wouldn't wear it as often at this time. Roll on winter! Easy enough to find on eBay for a reasonable price. A sure fire 8 out of 10.