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Saturday 13 August 2011

Nubar Prisms Absolute

I could not find the Nubar Prisms set for a good price anywhere in the UK, so I ended up ordering them on eBay from America for a fairly reasonable price. All in all came to about £42 for the 8. They arrived a few days ago (I know, I know I should have taken pictures!). Like a kid a Christmas, I opened the package and to my amazement I was more impressed than I though I'd be! I had some trouble on picking one to wear first, so with the help of Mr Posh Polishes, we both decided on Absolute. It's a blue holographic polish.
All are indoors with flash.

I must admit, it's quite hard to capture the holographic aspect of this polish! Or is that my poor camera skills? All above are 2 coats. This one had quite a subtle holographic effect to it and I'm wondering if it would have looked better with 3 coats. I'll know next time! I really liked the colour, a baby blue sparkly holographic polish.

It was easy to apply and the lid was very easy to hold. The Nubar's certainly have a good brush too and I personally think they are better than OPI! It had a good formula, went on smoothly and gave a good finish. It was also very shiny, which I think you can make out from the pictures. And it dried quickly.

8 out of 10. Good polish from a good company. Worth the money for sure. Can't wait to try the others :-)

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