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Sunday 21 August 2011

Nubar Prisms Jewel

Yet another one from the Prisms collection! So glad I bought these! This time we have a sparkly brown. Good golly gosh, did I just say brown?????? And me who isn't a fan of browns! :-s

So how cool does it look in that bottle and on those nails???

All indoors with flash.

Sparkly or what? Hehe and brown too! So this was a good quality polish, Nubars are. All above are 2 coats. It was easy to apply, easy to use and such a good brush to use. The lid is sooooooo easy to hold too. Good formula and dried quickly. It went on the nail nicely and gave a good finish but because of the flecks of glitter is was rough, most glitters are like that anyway.

I guess it goes without saying, but you need good light to get the full effect of this one. It looks fantastic in sunlight! I was quite surprised that I liked this one being brown and all, but I did. Maybe there is hope for browns in my world after all??? 7 out of 10 for this one. So good. eBay people, that's where it's easy to pick up.

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