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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Topshop Moondance

Sunny days in Scotland are rare, but they do mean holographic nail polish day!

This is easy to use, easy to apply and quick drying! How cool does it look in the sun! Sadly scuffs very easily and doesn't last long at all! Didn't put a top coat on so it might last longer with one. *faints* I do love a holo! I used this with NFU Oh's Aqua Base Coat.

Easy to use = 8/10
Application = 8/10
Drying time = 8/10
Lasted well = 4/10 NO
Coats = 2
Finish = holographic
Removal = okay the Aqua base coat makes it tricky
Overall = 6/10
Purchased from = Topshop

My Personal Rating = 8/10 despite the issues, it does look amazing!


  1. Funny name - there's something in the looks and the name indeed. Innocent lovely funny holo :)

    1. Yeah! Kept thinking of the Van Morrison song lol. Nice holo :-)

  2. Wow, this polish is so pretty (I love both shade and holo effect)!!
    BTW two blogs: posh and economy polishes ^__^ I never thought about sorting them this way!

    1. I know! I do love a holo :-)

      Yeah I thought it was a good way, cheaper and more expensive. Lol made sense to me ;-)