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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 13 Ciate Glass Slipper

Day 13
Today we have the first limited edition to this set. Glass Slipper is a blue glitter!

(Of course not!)

With flash.

Artificial light.

Natural light.

Easy enough to use, easy to apply and it's fairly quick drying also. Noticed it had a wee smell to it, nothing major though. It dried a little duller than I expected. I think it would be better as a top coat than solo, but I wanted to show it that way! Lasted well.

Easy to use = 7/10
Application = 7/10
Drying time = 8/10
Lasted well = 8/10
Coats = 3
Finish = glitter
Removal = need to use tin foil, but let it soak for a good few minutes
Overall = 8/10

My Personal Rating = 7/10


  1. I just found your site... you made my day when I saw that you are swatching the Ciate collection daily! I have been deciding whether or not I "need" it...lol Your swatches are lovely... but tell me how are the brushes on the mini bottles?

    1. Hey, thanks for following me. Glad I made your day :-)

      If you like the colours I've posted so far, then go for it! I'm glad I got it.

      I find the brushes on these polishes to be excellent, similar to the mini OPI ones. Just as long as there is plenty of polish on the brush, they work fine :-)

      When I first started using mini bottles, it did take me a few attempts to get used to the brushes, but I'm fine now!